Main services/transaction under Home Department as per Scheduled XVI of the Mizoram Allocation of Business (AoB) Rules, 2019 vide GAD’s Notification No.A-46013/1/2017-GAD, the 19th June, 2019:

1. Law & order.

2. Security arrangement, security architecture and infrastructure.

3. Acts, Rules relating to Police.

4. Home Guards and Civil Defense.

5. All matters relating to foreigners.

6. Administration of Arms Act and matters relating thereto.

7. Fire & Emergency Services.

8. Sainik Welfare & Resettlement, SS&A Board and other matters relating to Ex-Servicemen.

9. Compensation to political sufferers.

10. Nationality, Passport, Citizenship, etc.

11. National Security Act 1980, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967.

12. Prisons Act 1894, Prisoners Act, 1900 and Administration of Prisons.

13. Explosives Act, 1884 and matters relating thereto.

14. Mizoram Essential Services Maintenance Act, 1990.

15. Inner Line Regulation and connected issues.

16. Matters relating to international/interstate boundaries and border management.

17. General matters relating to Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes.

EXPLANATION: The term “General matters” relating to SCs/STs under Sl.17 may constitute the following:

i. Overall policy, planning, coordination, evaluation and review of regulatory and development of SCs/STs.

ii. All matters relating to Law & Order relating to SCs/STs/MCs.

iii. Policy initiative for SCs/STs/MCs and their security.

iv. Matters relating to Linguistic Minorities in the State.

v. Matters relating to National Commission for SCs/STs

vi. Representation of SCs/STs

vii. Protection of Places of Worship of SCs/STs

viii. Formulation of measures relating to the protection of STs/SCs and their security in consultation

with other concerned agencies.

ix. Prime Minister’s 15-Point Programme for Welfare of SCs/STs

x. Enforcement of SCs/STs (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 and Rules thereof.

xi. Any other issues pertaining to SCs/STs.

18. National Awards like Padma Shri etc., Governor Awards, etc.

19. Intelligence matters.

20. Civil-Military liaison.

21. Relocation of Assam Rifles Complex at Zokhawsang, and connected matters.

22. Human Rights, State Human Rights Commission and connected matters.

23. Declaration of restricted/protected areas for security purpose.

24. The Mizoram Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes (Regulation of Issuance and Verification of)

Community Certificates Act, 2014.

Ex-396/2019 - 10 -

25. Traffic management.

26. Forensic Science Laboratory.

27. Regulation of private security agencies.

28. Regulation of private placement agencies.

29. Other Backward Classes.

30. Prohibition of beggary.

31. Forensic Science Services.

32. Investiture of Executive Magisterial Powers.